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Take Control of Your Future as a Compensation Advisor
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First, the Big Picture:


Portion of independent workers who say they are living their preferred lifestyle (compared to just 54% of those in traditional jobs)


Portion of full-time gig workers who indicated their top reason to be independently employed was to be their own boss


Portion of large US-based companies that plan to greatly increase their use of non-traditional workers


Portion of companies outsourcing critical functions


Portion of full-time independent workers who feel more financially secure than in traditional jobs


Portion of freelance workers would not return to traditional employment at any price

Is This You?

Are you tired of corporate life?

Do you want to be valued, respected, and appreciated for your expertise, your work, and your accomplishments more than you’ve ever been? Do you want to use your talents to help other companies with their compensation consulting needs? Have you been in a compensation role for 8 or more years or highly involved in compensation project work?

Or perhaps you already have an established HR consulting practice and want to grow your revenues by adding compensation services?

Do you want to take control of your future? Be your own boss? Take back your work/life balance? AND make a difference for your clients, your family, and yourself?

If so, then Compensation Sense is your connection to professional growth, expanded client service, and a better future as a Compensation Advisor!

[NOTE: The Compensation Sense opportunity is not currently available for consulting practices serving clients in the state of Indiana.]

Here’s what you’ll get:

As an independent licensee for compensation consulting services with Compensation Sense, when you become a Compensation Advisor you get everything you need to hit the ground running and quickly start a compensation consulting practice. With our packaged turnkey compensation service modules, you can immediately focus on business development, sales, and client service instead of spending critical time creating and refining tools, resources, and processes.

We Offer 4 Modules:

Base Pay Program Design

Market Benchmarking

Executive Benchmarking

Incentive/Bonus Plan Development

When you become a Compensation Advisor with Compensation Sense, you’ll receive an Operations Manual featuring information from business setup to financial operations to technology and much more. And for each compensation service module purchased, you’ll also receive the following:


    • Proven processes with procedures for all steps
    • Recommended meeting agendas
    • Boilerplate client communication samples
    • Considerations and formulas for how to determine service costs
    • Marketing collateral
    • Training and tips on all module content
    • Templates for project plans, forms, reports, cost modeling, incumbent analysis, and plan documents
    • Complementary behind-the-scenes mentoring during your first client engagement

You’ll Also Get These Benefits:

Freedom to Control Your Future

When you become a Compensation Advisor with Compensation Sense, you have full control of your financial and professional success. You have the flexibility to obtain clients anywhere in the US except for the State of Indiana. There are no restrictions on how successful you can become. You can work independently as a compensation entrepreneur or hire others to work with you. You will learn and grow through your individual client engagements. As a Compensation Advisor, you will become their trusted partner for independent compensation consulting services.


Low Overhead / High Potential

As a Compensation Advisor leveraging the power of Compensation Sense, you can quickly replace that corporate salary or grow your revenues if you are an existing HR consulting firm. The ROI on your investment is easy to achieve. You will build a group of independent compensation consulting clients who will need you for other compensation services or to do repeat work. After your initial licensee fee, you are ready to start obtaining clients and build your business as a Compensation Advisor. You have low overhead with this opportunity; there is no requirement to invest in facilities, inventory, or equipment.

Work/Life Balance

With this win/win opportunity, when you become a Compensation Advisor with Compensation Sense, you can build a successful business while working from home or grow your HR consulting or compensation consulting business by delivering additional services to your existing clients. As a Compensation Advisor, you can create the life you want and become a trusted partner for independent compensation consulting services by building relationships with your clients!

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[NOTE: The Compensation Sense opportunity is not currently available for consulting practices serving clients in the state of Indiana.]