Employee Compensation experts are like just about any other corporate professionals at least in this regard: eventually, they might wonder, “What’s next?” and muse about whether the proverbial grass is greener somewhere else – either in another company, or, in increasing numbers, as an entrepreneur serving as an employee compensation consultant. When that entrepreneurial itch ignites a curiosity to learn more, the exploration might just yield a big surprise: the “Gig Economy” is astoundingly huge and growing, with consultants serving as the cornerstone of this enormous economic segment.

A quick look at some stats will help paint the picture:


Entrepreneurism in The “Gig Economy” (By The Numbers)

Information from a variety of sources has recently been cited by ThriveMyWay.com. Here are just a handful of relevant statistics:

  • There are more than 57 million gig workers, which correlates to approximately 36% of all US workers
  • 45% of freelancers work in the consulting services space
  • Professional service firms and large corporations turn to “flexible talent” for nearly three quarters of projects
  • 99% of remote workers want to continue working remotely throughout their careers
  • More than half of gig workers would not want to return to traditional work for any amount of money
  • Nearly 4 in 5 gig workers say they are “more than satisfied” with their work
  • Nearly 6 in 10 independent workers feel more financially secure than when they worked in a traditional “payroll” environment
  • The gig economy is expanding three times quicker than the U.S. workforce

Take a few moments to take in each of these stats. Individually, they represent significant findings; together, they illustrate just how large, attractive, and vibrant the entrepreneurial gig economy community is, especially the consulting space.


Key Takeaways

More than one-third of all U.S. workers participate in the gig economy. (Long gone are the days when solopreneurs or work-from-home professionals were uncommon.) In fact, you might say that entrepreneurship is the “new normal” for the American worker. Not only are the numbers of entrepreneurs significant, the level of satisfaction they report is downright astounding! Beyond these baselines, it’s also important to note how enthusiastically traditional professional service firms and large corporations have embraced using “flexible talent” for projects.

Bottom line: the time has never been better to explore “what’s next?” and discover if the grass IS greener as an entrepreneur serving as an employee compensation consultant. (And because employee compensation experts are a unique breed with coveted skills, it’s highly likely demand will be high for qualified independent consultants!)


Next Steps

To learn more about the employee compensation consulting opportunity and all Compensation Sense has to offer, explore the website, and then contact us to begin a dialogue of discovery. We look forward to helping you discover a brighter and more independent future!

Cassandra Faurote, Founder and CEO


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